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CNA & Personal Care Aide Job Description

Job Summary:
The CNA is a member of the health care team who works under the supervision of Mid-Shore Residential Care & Services, Inc., to perform basic tasks as assigned.

Must be 18 years old. Must have six (6) months of experience. Must have three (3) satisfactory references. Must be able to read, write, and follow written instructions. Document care given. Must be self-directed and able to work with little or no direct supervision. Should demonstrate patience, tact and good personal hygiene. Must meet all Mid-Shore Residential Care & Services, Inc., company policies. Must display good emotional health and be able to tolerate physically much standing, stooping, bending and heavy lifting.

Reports to:
Mid-Shore Residential Care & Services, Inc.


  • Care for the elderly, convalescent, or handicapped persons in the client's home, performing any combination of the following tasks:
  • Changes bed linens, washes and irons patient's laundry and cleans client's quarters.
  • Purchases, prepares and serves food for client and other members of the family, following special prescribed diets.
  • Assists clients into and out of bed, automobile, or wheelchair, to lavatory, and up and down stairs.
  • Assists client to dress, bathe and groom self.
  • Massages client and applies preparations and treatments such as liniment or alcohol rubs and heat lamp stimulation.
  • Supervises client taking prescribed oral medications under written direction of physician or as directed by home care nurse.
  • Accompanies ambulatory clients outside of home, serving as guide, companion and aide.
  • Entertains client, reads aloud, and plays cards or other games or similar activities with client.
  • Performs variety of miscellaneous duties as requested, such as obtaining household supplies and running errands.
  • Will maintain records of services performed and of apparent condition of client.
  • May visit several households to provide daily health care to clients.

Job Limitations:
May not administer medications.
May not give nasogastric tube feedings.
May not irrigate foley catheters.
May not perform skills/procedures requiring a registered nurse.

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